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ACM 1 (25ml)

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A low concentration, low pH cool peeling system available in a special cream formula. The numbers indicate the step-up approach to peeling.

  • A series of light peels do not compromise the integrity of the epidermis.
  • A system whereby the healthy cells are unaffected and only the damaged cells are removed when peeling.
  • A course of ACM peels helps to improve the texture and appearance of problematic skin.
  • The skin appears more refined and radiant with an overall improved appearance.



After skin preparation, apply ACM evenly at the selected thickness on the areas to be treated. Cross stroke using the peel brush to ensure an even application.

Leave the product on for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the skin condition being treated. Remove with a damp compress. Proceed with peeling procedure.

Recommended for problematic skin as well as sun damage, fine lines and the visible signs of aging.